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UDOT Town Hall in Lehi addresses progress on multiple projects



Representative Cory Maloy hosted a Town Hall meeting with the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) at the Legacy Center on Thursday, January 10.

“The questions we get asked most often is, ‘When is it going to be done?’” and, ‘Are you on time?’” said Boyd Humpherys, UDOT Region 3 Design Team Leader. “The project is scheduled to be completed in Fall 2020, and yes, we are on schedule.”

Construction on the Tech Corridor, a project widening I-15 in Lehi, started in April 2018. By the last week of November 2018, the Triumph Bridge was completed, giving Lehi residents a new access point to the east and west sides of the city. During construction on the Tech Corridor, there is a temporary on-ramp to northbound I-15 from the Triumph Bridge as well. “The goal right now is to pull traffic away from the interchanges while we work on them,” explained Humpherys.

The frontage roads on the east and west sides of I-15 have already been converted to one-way roads with the east side going north and the west side going south. When they’re completed, the frontage roads will have slip ramps to enter I-15, which will help divert traffic from the interchanges.

Humpherys presented concept art of the interchange at 2100 North and explained that the current diverging diamond will only be there for construction on the Tech Corridor. In the near future, 2100 North will be a major freeway on the same scale as I-15. The 2100 North interchange is being designed with future volume of traffic in mind.

Humpherys reminded those in attendance that lanes will be shifting often during construction and to pay attention and slow down. “I think it’s amazing that through this job you’ve actually added a lane. I don’t know how you do it,” commented Representative Maloy. The engineers at UDOT have been creative from the beginning of the job to keep traffic moving at a normal, and sometimes better, rate.

“It’s probably hard to imagine that we have other projects going on in the valley beside the Tech Corridor,” said Rob Clayton, UDOT Region 3 Director. Clayton showed maps of the Mountain View Corridor, a major road currently under construction connecting 2100 North with SR 73. “The Mountain View Corridor is built so the lanes are separated, similar to 2100 North. That’s strategic so they can be easily converted into a freeway. We’ve been told by researchers at the University of Utah that the population of Utah County will triple by 2065, so we know growth is coming.”


Clayton mentioned the lights being installed in different busy intersections in Lehi, as well as short and long-term solutions to issues on Pioneer Crossing and 2100 North. “There are protected and permissive left turns. A permissive left turn requires the driver to decide about when it’s safe to turn. In a protected left turn the driver always has the right-of-way and don’t have to worry about pedestrians crossing,” explained Clayton. UDOT has replaced permissive left turns with protected left turns on 2100 North and they are in the process of doing the same on all of the intersections of Pioneer Crossing.

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