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Residents get their way on 1200 West zoning



Lehi residents in the neighborhoods surrounding eight acres at 2900 North 1200 West came to City Council chambers for Planning Commission meeting on Thursday, July 22, to express their support of Symphony Homes’ request to amend the General Plan. The property is in a Neighborhood Commercial Zone, but residents have battled to keep businesses from building in the area. 

“I’ve noticed that businesses along 1200 West have struggled because there’s not much visibility along that road. We think this is a great location for a medium density project. The neighbors have come together and helped with this concept plan,” explained Russ Wills, lands manager for Symphony Homes.

“I understand why we have Neighborhood Commercial in this area – 1200 West is a five-lane road now and we’re trying to make this a walkable area. From a traffic standpoint, you’ll get more with medium density residential than you would with Neighborhood Commercial,” said Planning Commission Chair Abram Nielson. Lehi City engineer Ross Dinsdale confirmed Nielson’s statement, siting a traffic study.

In 2019 the City Council approved a General Plan amendment changing the land use designation on the front of the property from VLDR (very low density residential) to NC (neighborhood commercial). However, plans for the NC section of the property never made it past the concept phase.

Several residents expressed their frustration with the NC line encroaching on the residential portion of the property. “We want a contingency that even if this concept doesn’t work out, this will remain zoned for single family homes,” said Tyler Anderson.

“I don’t like the density, but it’s better than having commercial, I suppose,” said long-time resident Nolan Johnson. “High-density residents don’t want to take care of a yard, but they still want a place to put their junk. I don’t want to be invaded.”

“It seems like NC is the best option along this route, but what Symphony Homes has done is what the neighbors want. Change is inevitable. This looks like a good alternative,” said Commissioner Scott Bunker.


“I know it seems counterintuitive to put NC here, but it really would help the traffic situation,” countered Commissioner Greg Jackson.

“At the same time, you don’t see any businesses knocking down the door to buy this property,” added Commissioner Roger Ellis.

Wills responded to residents’ concerns, promising a concrete wall and driveways wide enough for two vehicles so cars aren’t parked along the streets. 

Ellis motioned to give a positive recommendation to Symphony Homes’ request to amend the General Plan on the acreage from NC and VLDR to MDR (medium density residential). The motion passed with a vote of four to two, Commissioner Nielson and Commissioner Heather Newall voting no.

Symphony Homes’ 39-lot single family subdivision concept on 8.18 acres at 2900 North 1200 West also got a positive recommendation from the Planning Commission going forward to City Council, with Newall once again voting no.

The Planning Commission gave unanimous positive recommendations or approvals at the July 22 meeting for the following items: 

James Karren’s request for a zone change on .73-acres at 105 South 500 West from RA-1 (residential/agriculture) to R-1-Flex (residential).

Coldwater Capital’s request for approval of the Shiny Shell Car Wash & Grease Monkey concept plan located at 1053 South 1100 West.


Transwest Billboards request for approval of a conditional use for an electronic conversion and upgrade to the billboard at 255 East State Street.

Hadco Construction’s request for preliminary subdivision review of Vivian Estates Phase 3, a 22-lot single family residential subdivision at 2530 North 300 East in an RA-1 zone.

Frank Brower and TJ Gockley’s request for approval of the Legacy View Plat A 2-lot subdivision with an existing home at 209 North 100 West.

Andrew Spencer’s request for preliminary subdivision review of Gerber Plat C, four single family lots located at 2295 North Center Street.

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