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Representative Maloy tackles bills and cancer this year



Lehi State Representative Cory Maloy is battling cancer this legislative session while concurrently representing the people of his district. 

Maloy was on a bike ride on November 30, 2021, enjoying his new e-bike when he found himself on the ground after crashing over the handlebars and hitting his head.

After a visit to the local emergency room, Maloy underwent a CT Scan. Results showed no injuries from the bicycle accident but revealed an unknown brain tumor. Just two days later, doctors removed the low-grade tumor. 

Maloy is now in the middle of a 6-week cancer treatment plan that includes oral chemotherapy and radiation during breaks away from the 45-day legislative session on Capitol Hill. 

“I only have about nine more days of treatment and I’m looking forward to completing treatment and moving forward to an active and healthy lifestyle,” said Maloy, who is in great spirits. 

“I have a very good long-term prognosis,” he added. 

“My wife and I feel that my bike wreck was a tender mercy. Many people have and will have tender mercies. Many people are going through much more intense and painful situations than I am. I hope we will continue to be a faithful people, that we will all serve and pray for each other,” said Maloy. 

Maloy and his wife Linda live in Lehi.


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