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State Street drive-thru fast-food concepts approved by commissioners



The Lehi City Planning Commission approved a site plan and conditional use permit for two small drive-thru food businesses on State Street next to the old police station at their May 26 meeting.

The concept for the Wagner Drive Thru includes two small buildings, one offering coffee and donuts and the other chicken sandwiches, with patios for outdoor dining on just under an acre of property at 600 West State Street. Owners Dennis Schoonover and Aaron Wagner presented the initial concept to the Planning Commission in July 2021 and they have since made adjustments based on the feedback from neighbors, the Development Review Committee (DRC) and the Planning Commission.

Several residents remain concerned, however, about overflow parking, noise and light pollution on the property. “There’s a reason this is a conditional use and not an approved use,” said Lehi resident Cory Gurney. “They shouldn’t be planning to usepublic roads and city resources to help run their soda shop. Our street should only accommodate access to their property, not used as an overflow parking lot.” 

Gurney and other neighbors asked the commissioners to place conditions on the noise, lighting, stacking and traffic in granting the request. “We’re grateful to the Planning Commission and Schoonover for investing in our city,” added Gurney.

The motion to grant the Wagner Drive Thru Site Plan and Conditional Use was provided, with the conditions that noise and lighting be limited to hours of operation, a solid 8-ft fence between the businesses and the neighboring homes be built, proper striping for better staging for the cars queuing in the drive-thru lanes must be added and compliance with all the DRC comments. With those conditions, commissioners granted unanimous final approval to the request.

The Planning Commission also gave unanimous positive recommendations or approval for the following requests:

– T-Mobile’s North Slopes Stealth Tower at the top of an office building at 4100 North Chapel Ridge Road in Traverse Mountain.


– Lee and Mary Kelly’s zone change on 1.08-acres at 3055 North 1200 West from VLDR (very low density residential) to Neighborhood Commercial.

– VY Architectures Lehi Front Climbing Club site plan at 2750 Executive Parkway.

– Arive Homes Harmony Townhomes Plat D concept plan, a 30-unit residential development at 891 North Hilltop Drive in the Cold Spring Ranch Area Plan.

– Lehi City’s Development Code Amendment to Chapter 20, Home Occupations, to include regulations for dog grooming facilities and permanent cosmetic home occupations.

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