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City adds monthly charge to power bill, increases rate for increased consumption



The Lehi City Council met on Tuesday, May 24 with all members in attendance (Paige Albrecht attended virtually). During the meeting, the Council adopted the 2023 City budgetset to begin July 1, which includes changes to power billing for Lehi residents and businesses. 

Starting July 1, 2022, residential customers will pay a $2.50 monthly account fee. The monthly charge will increase to $5.00 next year, $7.50 the following year and then $10 a month starting July 2025. 

Next year’s energy usage rate will stay the same at $0.08761 for usage below 1000 kilowatt-hours (kWh). Residents will see an increase for usage over 1000 kWh from the current rate of $0.08761 to $0.09320. 

General Service commercial customers will also start paying a monthly fee starting at $9 this year, going up to $13 in July 2025. 

Commercial usage rates will be decreased from the current $0.09800 to $0.09700. City officials said that commercial users have been subsidizing residential consumers for many years and this year’s plan will begin to correct that imbalance over the next several years. 

City officials claim the increase is necessary due to the recent volatility in energy prices, as well as potential infrastructure and reserve expenses. Pricing will be evaluated each year and the city will pass any future energy cost savings to consumers.