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Mayor Johnson launches city government educational academy



Jillian Rose | Lehi Free Press

Last week Lehi City launched a seven-week course dedicated to educating residents about different aspects of local government. Overseeing the first meeting, Mayor Mark Johnson said the academy idea had been in the works for a while.

“I have wanted to do this for a couple of years now. I was looking for an effective way to help educate the local citizens about what really goes on in the city. There are many misconceptions about how local government works. When you don’t deal with the city regularly, it might be advantageous to do this academy. The academy is nice for people who want to run for office. It offers a platform to ask how different things work,” said Johnson.

Free to all Lehi residents, the course offers insight into how each department operates. “In the first meeting, we talked about the differences in roles between the city planner and the mayor,” said Johnson. “We also discussed the application process for developments, how the administration is set up, how taxes are calculated per state law, what rights we have, and what our protections are–Lots of new information for most.”

The academy is designed for those looking for a classroom setting to discuss items not typically understood well by the public. Though holding the academy means overtime work for some city employees, the academy’s importance stands, nonetheless. Mayor Johnson anticipates interest to grow in the academy, and he hopes to repeat the educational series on a continued basis.

“I encourage anyone interested in knowing how things are run and the city laws to sign up. I think it will be interesting and fun,” added Johnson.

Currently, the academy is a seven-week course. With the first meeting already concluded, classes are held each Wednesday and end on June 14. Meetings are held from 5-6:30 p.m. for seven weeks at the Broadbent Community Center at 153 North 100 East in Lehi. Those who have an interest in signing up for the next academy can find more information on the Lehi City website:


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