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Lehi to hold contest for city flag redesign



As the new Utah State Flag is about to be officially adopted in March, Lehi City wants to join in on the wave of new flags.

“We need a new flag other than a logo on a bedsheet,” said Mayor Mark Johnson during a City Council meeting last May, where he proposed creating a new flag for Lehi.

Last August, Mayor Johnson presented several design ideas that were not received well by the City Council or public, and the process took a break. 

On Tuesday during the City Council meeting, the new flag design reemerged with a newly announced contest for citizens to submit their ideas. 

“Last year we talked about a flag redesign. We have taken some time and it’s now time to bring it back up again and get serious about it,” said Lehi Communications Manager Jeanteil Livingston during her presentation. 

The city will be using the North American Vexillology Association standards for the new flag. The Vexillology, or the study of the history, symbolism and usage of flags, includes five design pillars:

• Keep it simple.


• Use meaningful symbolism.

• Use two or three basic colors.

• No lettering or seals.

• Be distinctive.

Themes discussed over the last year have included the sugar beet–a longtime historical agriculture staple for the city–the bucking bronco, and technology for our dominant workforce industry. 

The city contest timeline will be the following:

February: Pick flag design review committee

March: Announce and market the contest


April 1-May 31: Submission window open

June 3-10: Flag design review committee narrows the options

June 12-July 1: Finalists announced for public opinion 

July 8-22: Mayor and City Council select final design

August 13: Flag voted on at City Council Meeting 

“A flag redesign will bring the community together. We’re inviting people within the community to bring their talents and help redesign the flag,” said Livingston. 

The contest winner will receive a $1,500 prize. It is not yet known what the total cost of the flag redesign will be. 

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