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What the heck is a caucus?



According to the Oxford Dictionary, a caucus is defined as “a meeting at which local members of a political party register their preference among candidates running for office or select delegates to attend a convention.”

Utahns will meet on March 5 for a statewide caucus for all major political parties. This process of civic engagement is a biannual meeting of party precincts that serve as a conduit between citizens and their political representatives.

At the heart of the caucus are precinct leaders and delegates, individuals selected and entrusted with the responsibility of reflecting the values of both their community and their party.

Precinct delegates are also tasked with the responsibility of vetting and selecting party candidates for public office. They review and vet candidates over a six- to eight-week period leading up to their respective party convention. 

When is this year’s caucus?

Republicans, Democrats, United Utah members and other major political parties will meet March 5 starting at 7 p.m. 

Where is the caucus?


Republicans can find their meeting location at

Democrats can find their meeting location at

United Utah can find their meeting location at

What will happen at the caucus?

Republicans will elect precinct chairs, vice-chairs and delegates. Republicans will also vote in the statewide Presidential Preference Poll.

Democrats will elect precinct chairs, vice-chairs and delegates. Democrats are currently conducting their Presidential Primary and voters should have received their ballot to turn in by March 5. 

What will elected precinct leadership and delegates do?

In Utah County, precinct chairs and vice-chairs for both the Republican and Democrat parties serve on their party’s respective central committees and are tasked with managing their county party’s business for two years.  


Along with precinct chairs and vice-chairs, delegates will be tasked with vetting their party candidates and then attending their party convention where they will nominate one or two candidates to the Primary ballot in June.

Citizens who have additional questions or would like to know more about participating in-person or absentee are encouraged to visit their party websites here.

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