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Lehi voters participate in Super Tuesday, party leaders tout success despite challenges



Lehi voters displayed their commitment to civic engagement on Super Tuesday, March 5, as thousands of voters converged on schools across the city to participate in the electoral process in person and through absentee ballots. 

“We saw a large interest in participating in caucus and the Presidential Preference Poll, with many participating absentee,” said Mac Sims, who oversaw the Lehi Republican precinct meetings west of I15.

Democrats participated in a statewide primary election that concluded Tuesday and held their caucus to elect delegates at Fox Hollow Elementary. 

“Our Caucus Night was a huge success. We had about two hundred people in attendance, and there was a lot of energy about ensuring that Utahns maintain their rights and ensuring that Utah is a balanced governing body instead of being a super-majority. We are so grateful to those who came and ran to be precinct officers,” said Utah County Democrat Party Chair Katie Adams-Anderton. 

Republicans conducted delegate selections and Presidential Preference Polls at their respective caucus meetings. As of Wednesday evening, 87% of Utah precincts reported results. Donald Trump received 57% of Republican votes, and Nikki Haley received 42%. 

Frustrated voters reported caucus voting problems statewide Tuesday night, but despite encountering some technological hurdles, party leaders in Lehi expressed satisfaction with the overall evening. 

“Our caucus was fantastic at Skyridge, with a few minor hiccups. We had issues related to slow and throttled school internet networks, and the State GOP website stalled out, but we had paper precinct maps and voter lists as a backup. We had everyone in their meetings by about 7:15 p.m.,” said Aaron Bullen, who led the Lehi Republican meetings on the east side of town.


At Willowcreek Middle School, voters at the centralized check-in station were processed as quickly as possible, and many voters thanked the numerous volunteers who assisted.

“My experience in tonight’s caucus was heartwarming. The people in our area are very friendly, and it seemed like people really care about our country and voting. The turnout was larger than I expected. It was great to see so many people involved. I’m grateful to be a part of this great community,” said newly elected Republican State and County Delegate Debby Young, who attended her first caucus in many years.

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