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Utah County Republican Convention: Lehi’s Beltran wins County Commission race



On Saturday, April 20, voters in Utah County played a significant role in selecting the Republican Party’s candidates for this year’s primary and general election. The Utah County Republican Party’s nominating convention was held at Skyridge High School in Lehi with over 1,400 delegates participating. 

Many delegates in attendance felt the caucus convention system is the best way to select candidates. Delegate Tori Kimball said, “I’ve loved this process, especially the ‘meet and greets’ and getting to know the candidates on a personal level. I think this is really important. This is missing with national politics, the opportunity to become acquainted with those who make the decisions for you.”

Delegates from every part of the County convened to vote in multiple races, including the much-anticipated County Commission race to replace retiring Commissioner Tom Sakievich. 

The County Commissioner Seat “C” race included five candidates. After two rounds of voting, four were eliminated, leaving Lehi’s Skyler Beltran as the winner. Candidates who receive over 60% of the vote in their respective election advance as the party nominee. Beltran received 66% of the vote on Saturday, so he will advance directly to the November General Election, where he is the overwhelming favorite against Alan Wessman, who is a member of the new United Utah Party, which currently has fewer than 1,000 registered voters in Utah County. There is no Democrat in the race. The November victor will assume office in January, 2025. 

Voters responded enthusiastically to Beltran’s speech as he highlighted traditional Republican themes of fiscal responsibility, limited government and transparency. 

“What a day it’s been. I’m honored to receive the confidence of the delegates. Now it’s time to get to work for the people of Utah County,” said Beltran after winning on Saturday. 

Beltran was the Utah County Republican Party Chairman from 2021 to 2023 and currently serves on the Utah County Planning Commission. He is a local real estate agent who has also worked as a part-time political reporter and digital editor for the Lehi Free Press since 2018. He is married to Kylie Beltran. They are the parents of two boys. 

Saturday’s convention had a big turnout, with over 89% of the delegates showing up to pack the Skyridge basketball gym. The county delegates were chosen at their local precinct caucus meetings in March. 


“It was a beautiful display of civic duty and representative government as delegates took seriously their responsibility to their neighborhoods and the caucus process,” said Utah County Republican Party Chair Cristy Henshaw.

“It’s important for all of us to get involved in elections. There are a lot of issues coming up now of great importance in the future, and we need our voices to be heard to shape it,” added delegate Kimball. 

Incumbent County Recorder Andrea Allen and incumbent County Assessor Burt Garfield emerged with resounding wins well over 60%. Both will advance to the November general election and have no opponents. 

Some delegates also had contested races for their Utah House of Representatives seats and school board positions. Saturday’s Convention results are listed below:

County Commission Seat C

Round 1:

Tom Westmoreland – 11%

Jay Ugarte – 3%


Diane Garcia – 9%

Andrew Jackson – 24%

Skyler Beltran – 52%

Round 2:

Skyler Beltran – 66% – Party Nominee

Andrew Jackson – 34%

County Recorder

Andrea Allen – 87% – Party Nominee


Garrett Mast – 13%

County Assessor 

Kevin Ewell – 21%

Burt Garfield – 79% – Party Nominee

House District 57

Nelson Abbott – 66% – Party Nominee

Michael Cox – 34%

House District 58


Holly Sweeten – 45%

David Shallenberger – 55%

House District 61

Lisa Shepherd – 70% – Party Nominee 

Travis Hoban – 30%

State School Board 13

Round 1

Cari Bartholomew – 45%


Alyson Robertson – 30%

Randy Boothe – 25%

Round 2

Cari Bartholomew – 51%

Alyson Robertson – 49%