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Holbrook Farms Development Details



Recently, Lehi City Council approved plans for one of the largest single land developments in Lehi’s history. The 686 acre parcel was sold by the Holbrook family, of Lehi, and is being developed by Ivory Homes (residential) and the Boyer Company (commercial). “The master plan for Holbrook Farms is a tightly integrated layout of key land uses, recreational facilities and neighborhood services. Using existing topographical features, existing collector roads, and proposed and existing greenway corridors, the planned community is laid out to create a sense of place, and define individual neighborhoods while integrating the mixed land uses into the current community structure” (p. 101 of Holbrook Farms Area Plan narrative).

According to the developers, “the most exciting and beneficial feature provided within the Holbrook Farms community are the large park areas with recreational facilities and leisure opportunities. These parks and facilities will enhance the quality of life of the entire community by providing them with many diverse recreational opportunities through the parks and recreation system. The worthwhile and challenging recreational opportunities will serve people of all ages, interests, and abilities” (p. 102, Holbrook Farms Area Plan narrative).

As for business and commercial integration, “the land use plan anticipates the advent of commercial/retail/office development along the Mountain View corridor and Redwood Road. The proposed commercial/business uses at this significant location compliment that vision. The neighborhood commercial/business core encourages the efficient use of land by locating employment and retail uses convenient to residential areas; reducing reliance upon automobile use and encouraging pedestrian and other non-vehicular circulation systems” (p. 103, Holbrook Farms Area Plan narrative).

In addition to the Holbrook Farms development, the Holbrook Family is donating land for the development of The Curtis Center. The Center will serve as an educational facility to enhance services for special needs adults and will be comprised of three buildings that will serve as classrooms, art center, and a recreational building to create opportunities for a fully integrated educational experience for adults with special abilities. When completed the Curtis Center will be donated to Lehi City.

Potential Impact on Lehi City of Holbrook Farms Development

  • 10,000–12,000 new residents projected
  • Total residential units approved as of November 4, 2015: 2,823
  • New fire station
  • New water tank
  • New power station
  • 3000–5000 additional vehicles

Potential Educational Impact

  • One new high school
  • Two new middle or junior high schools
  • Five to six elementary schools

These statistics represent the residential development only, not the commercial portion.

To view the Holbrook Farms development plan, click here.