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“We don’t want to get this wrong,” says Mayor to City in accessory dwelling unit discussion



Lehi City Council members met July 31 in regular Pre-Council and regular City Council meetings to discuss sixteen agenda items and hear presentations from staff. Johnny Revill and Paul Hancock were excused.

All items on the regular agenda were unanimously approved but one. Consideration of Ordinance #69-2018 amending the Lehi City Development Code, Chapter 26 and Chapter 39, Accessory Uses, adding provisions for Accessory Dwelling Units was tabled. Council member Condie said, “I will have to vote ‘no,’” when the subject of parking and architectural design standards was discussed. “Why do we care as a city?” said Condie.

Mayor Johnson was adamant the code was written to avoid future problems described by planning staff. “We don’t want to get this wrong,” said the Mayor. Christy Hutchings, planning staff member, commented, “We don’t want the structure to look like a duplex. We don’t want external evidence of an apartment. We don’t want tandem parking.” The council tabled the ordinance for further discussion.

The City Council unanimously approved the following items:

  • Peterson Annexation, approximately 1.04 acres of property located at 1370 South Evans Street with proposed RA-1(residential/agriculture) zoning.
  • Consideration of Resolution #2018-45 approving a First Amendment to the Development Agreement between Gardner-Plumb, LC and Lehi City shifting densities from north to the south along the 2100 North corridor. Paul Hardman spoke to the council about approving this change. “This is pristine property. It would be a shame to flood with homes.”
  • Consideration of a Plat Amendment for Garden Creek Estates Plat A located at 1900 North Center Street combining two lot into one.
  • Consideration of Ordinance #65-2018, a General Plan amendment for Arcadian Ranch 1.35-acres of land at 1020 West Main Street from NC (neighborhood commercial) and MDR (medium density residential) to C (commercial). There were some questions asked by city council members regarding parking and exits from the proposed development.
  • Consideration of Ordinance #66-2018, a General Plan amendment changing 2.25 acres of land at 99 North 500 West from MDR to C and NC. City Council member Albrecht spoke concerning the balance between property owner’s rights to development and the effect on neighborhood quality. The vote from the Planning Commission was close, 4 in favor and 3 opposed.
  • Consideration of Ordinance #67-2018, a zone change on approximately .58-acres of property located at 900 North 1150 West changing the zoning from TH-5 (transitional holding) to R-1-22 (residential/agriculture).
  • Consideration of Ordinance #68-2018, a zone change from TH-5 to RA-1 on 30.35 acres of property located at 2600 North and 600 East.
  • Consideration of Ordinance #70-2018, approving a zone district designation amendment and zoning district map amendment for Public Facilities rezone on approximately 465 acres across the city.
  • Consideration of Ordinance #71-2018, an amendment to the Lehi City Development Code Chapter 38, Transit Oriented Development Zone to include minimum densities, pedestrian access, and to address phasing.
  • Consideration of Resolution #2018-42 appointing a committee member to the Lehi City Parks, Trails, and Trees advisory Committee. Jennifer Davis was approved as a new member.

Consideration of Resolution #2018-43, approving a cooperative agreement between Lehi City and UDOT. This concerned the re-alignment of 2100 North and costs associated with this improvement. UDOT will pay all cost associated with this re-alignment.