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Public safety building pays homage to pioneer roots



Lehi City held an open house on Tuesday, December 11, to reveal architectural drawings of the new public safety building that will replace Broadbent’s and other homes on the 100 West 100 South block of downtown. Architects from Curtis Minor Architecture and staff from the Lehi City Planning and Zoning Department were on hand to answer questions at the open house.

The architectural drawings included street views along 100 West and 100 South, as well as a birds-eye view of the new structure. From the outside, the 100 West view of the building will resemble a pioneer town Main Street with different facades, including one section in lighter brick that resembles the old Broadbent’s storefront. Curtis Minor Architecture will salvage the bricks from Broadbent’s and use them inside the public safety building in the section that will be for community open houses and public presentations.

“The brick used on the Broadbent’s building is a soft-fiber brick that we can’t use on the outside of buildings today – they don’t meet our codes anymore,” explained Curtis Minor. “We’re going to use it on the inside, more as a decorative touch. We’re recreating the look and feel on the outside of the structure, but with new brick.” Curtis Minor Architecture will use lighter brick on the “Broadbent’s” section of the façade to make it stand out just a little more. The community center portion of the public safety building also includes floor-to-ceiling doors that open onto a covered deck.

The main concern of the team creating the public safety building was cost. “Police buildings cost more money because of the safety features we need to include,” said Chad Jones, Project Director. The design had to make it impossible for a vehicle to drive through the front doors and include a significant barrier between the public space and the personnel space. “We’re looking for this to accommodate Lehi City’s Police Department for the next 30 to 40 years. We are making sure we do this right the first time. It’s bigger than what they need right now, but we’ve designed the space inside for them to grow,” added Jones.

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