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Utah County commissioners vote to raise elected officials’ salaries



The Utah County Commission voted Wednesday to raise the salaries of all eleven county elected officials, including themselves. The three commissioners voted unanimously for this year’s pay raise after Commissioner Tom Sakievich opposed last year’s increase. 

“We look at it annually and establish a rate based on the four largest counties in the state,” said Utah County Human Resource Director Ralf Barnes when presenting the increase. The four counties used in the study are Washington, Davis, Weber, and Salt Lake

“I’m making the recommendation that the elected officials in Utah County do need a salary increase and on average we’re about 21% under market compared to the other counties,” continued Barnes.

“Our goal isn’t to lead the market or fall way behind, it’s to be at market. It’s just a matter of fairness,” concluded Barnes in his presentation to the commission.

“There is a sticker shock because the increases are higher than would normally be expected, but we’re trying to get it up to where it’s supposed to be,” said Sakievich in support of the change.

The salary increases that will take effect immediately are: 

County Attorney: $160,334 to $208,700


County Sheriff: $146,392 to $177,395

County Commissioners: $139,421 to $166,960

County Assessor: $132,450 to $156,525

County Auditor: $132,450 to $156,525

County Clerk: $132,450 to $156,525

County Treasurer: $132,450 to $156,525

County Recorder: $132,450 to $156,525

County Surveyor: $132,450 to $156,525


County employees have also received raises over the last several years to be comparable to wages in similar sized counties and cost of living adjustments.

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