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Lehi Nurse to Offer Humanitarian Aid in India



Colette Bullock has wanted to help people since she was a young girl, even telling her family that she would be in the Red Cross when she grew up. Now that she is a grown-up, Bullock looks at her nursing career as a calling—something she is rather than something she does. When a close friend of Bullock’s asked her to come to Faridabad, India, on a humanitarian mission this October to give medical help to an orphanage called a “slum school” as well as a leprosy colony, Colette knew she had to go:

“We often get caught up in our day-to-day problems and don’t look outside the box to realize how much people are suffering. My son has a lot of health problems and I often question ‘why us?’ I believe my going to India will help answer why. I’ve always wanted to serve and the opportunity has presented itself. There is somebody in India that needs my help.”

Bullock and her small group will be teaching general hygiene to the children at the slum school as well as treating those with worms and lice. The group is also taking medicine, bandages, and ointments to a leprosy colony. The adults and children in the leprosy colony have been shunned by their families and communities because they see leprosy as a punishment from God. Colette wants the orphaned children and the people living with leprosy to know they’re not alone, that they are loved.

Colette’s family, her husband and three children as well as her siblings, support her 100%. Her neighbors and friends here in Lehi have shown their support as well—Colette was able to raise the money she needs to go to India with a yard sale. Any extra money her group raises will go toward medical supplies and travel expenses for critical patients they find at the slum school or the leprosy colony.

For more information on how to donate to Colette’s mission, go to her Facebook page, “Colettes Humanitarian Project”.