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Local Company Gives Back



Xactware, a technology company located in Lehi, provides computer software solutions for professionals involved in estimating all phases of building construction and repair.

James Loveland founded Xactware in May of 1986 originally located in the basement of his home in Orem, UT. Due to space, Xactware ended up moving to Lehi, UT at the point of the mountain. Loveland always believed that giving back to the community was an integral part of having a successful company. Loveland passed these ideals down to his son Jim Loveland, who continues the tradition by setting aside a week in May when Xactware employees give back by cleaning up, planting flowers, beautifying greenery, and other landscape work in Lehi and other local communities.

Employees are encouraged to take time out of their work schedule to come participate in the cleanup. At the beginning of the week, Senior Vice President Mike Fulton kicks off the week with a preparatory breakfast meeting where he speaks about the importance of giving back to the community.

Beau Carlson, the strategic sales manager at Xactware mentioned “After 30 years, the legacy continues, and is still a huge part of the company. We are encouraged to choose a day and take time out of work to go help out.” Instead of expecting employees to take a Saturday out of their time, they are encouraged to come out during regular work hours, and are paid to do so.

Employees don’t only volunteer in Lehi, but many other cities as well around Utah County and even into Salt Lake County.