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Mountainous Beauty in Our Backyard



The Rocky Mountains offer inexpensive family activities. American Fork Canyon-Alpine Loop recreation area is one specific example of mountainous majesty.  Literally minutes away from any part of Lehi, on State Road 92 (SR-92), this recreation area offers cooler temperatures, camping, hiking, fishing, biking trails and ATV use.

Because the area is part of the National Forest, fees apply for entry, but the $6 (3-day) entrance fee is worth every penny. To save money, annual passes are available. A special note- the national park pass enables free entrance here too.

Because this area is so well maintained, weekends can be very busy, so plan accordingly. You will want to take a picnic lunch, a water pouch, your camera, your fishing supplies and sunscreen.

If you are willing to make a short hike from either the Tibble Fork parking lot or even better from Silver Lake Flats, you can really leave the city behind.  Expert opinion is best provided by the Pleasant Grove Ranger District at (801)785-3563.  The fee schedule is found online at with keywords ‘Alpine Scenic Loop Backway’ for current use fees and other helpful information.

The website provides great photos and instruction for planning fantastic outdoor activities just minutes from your Lehi doorstep.