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Downey family helps share lit holiday houses



Americans spend billions of dollars each year on Christmas decorations, including lights. Looking around local neighborhoods, one might find a house with nothing but a wreath on the door to show holiday spirit, or one might come across a house like the Downey family’s.

Adorned with Christmas lights, decorations, and musically synced Christmas displays, it beckons all to come see. “I saw a video of a dancing light display about 17 years ago and wanted to do it from the moment I saw it,” said Mike Downey. “It was not until about 5 years when I [finally] put up a small display that danced to music. I was shocked at the response from kids, teenagers, and adults. It made them so happy to watch it, I decided I would keep doing it and make it a little bit bigger and better each year.” Downey added.

There are many people like the Downey family who love to share their Christmas joy with everyone by putting their houses on display for others’ enjoyment.

The Downey family wanted to share these houses so they created the “Lehi/Saratoga/Eagle Mountain Christmas Lights” list on their Facebook page, “Downey Family Holiday Lights,” for others to list their lighted homes. “If people come to see us, they love the lights, and if they can spend a whole evening seeing lights around their area, all the better…that is why I created the group on Facebook.” Check out their Facebook page for a map and videos as well.

For those who don’t want to drive all around Lehi to find these displays, here is a list of eight grandly lit homes in Lehi:

Chapman Christmas Lights 2017, 2192 N. 2230 West
They have lights cascading down the front of the house with a big lighted tree synchronized to music at 88.5 FM.

Lindsey Lights, 2740 N. 675 East
This home and yard are decorated with lights, which are synchronized to fun Christmas music. With light-up trees, stars, bows, wreaths and more, it was a beautiful display.

Mike’s Lights, 250 E. 700 South
Mike has his front lawn adorned in light-up Christmas decorations and has extended the display to both sides of his yard. It’s a very fun light display.

Downey Family Lights, 2489 W. 700 South
The Downey family has a beautiful set of light-up Christmas decorations synchronized to music, like Pentatonix’s “Mary Did You Know.” Tune in to 107.7 FM to see the lights dance. Beware, there will be a lot of cars gathered around to see the display.

“The Schmidt House,” 300 S. Center Street
Nicknamed “The Schmidt House,” due to their clever display of Santa’s reindeers not following directions, this is an iconic house to see adorned in Christmas lights. Go check out, “The Schmidt House!”  

Old Lehi Home, 100 S. Center Street
This house is located just a few blocks from, “The Schmidt House,” and is very brightly lit. With decorations and lights wrapped around the house, it’s easy to see and a beautiful Lehi treasure.

Synchronized Christmas Lights, 565 S. 1700 West
Just off 1700 West, this house sits decorated in Christmas lights that light up to music. A nice stop for more fun Christmas lights.

Fully Adorned House, 356 S. 1850 North
This house is covered head to toe in Christmas lights and has a decorated yard of Christmas decorations covered in lights. Seen from down the block, you can’t miss it!