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City officials approve apartment units in homes, with conditions



New requirements include providing off-street parking and additional impact fees

It is now legal for a Lehi homeowner to have an apartment unit in their single-family home, according to the new Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) code that was approved by Lehi City officials last month.

“Following nearly a year-long study of housing in Lehi, it was decided to adopt the ADU ordinance. One of the major motivations for the city to pass the ordinance was to provide more affordable housing options in Lehi. We also think that people who want to buy a home may have an easier time getting a home loan and will be able to make their mortgage payment easier if they have an income generating rental unit in their home,” said Kim Struthers, Lehi Community Development Director.

In addition to a $25 application fee and building permit fees (if needed), there is a one-time $1,500 impact fee accessed to the homeowner. The impact fee will help pay for the costs associated with upgrading sewers, water lines, power lines, etc. in the areas with ADUs, said Struthers. The $1,500 impact fee reflects a discounted amount for this first year and the impact fee will increase to $4,528.00 after Sept. 12, 2019.  There is an application procedure which includes submitting plans and site information.

Requirements for approval of an ADU include:

  • The (primary) dwelling must be owner-occupied
  • The ADU shall not alter the appearance of the structure as a single-family residence
  • Off-street parking shall be provided at a rate of two stalls per unit, or one stall per bedroom whichever is greater
  • The floor space of an ADU shall comprise no more than 49% of the living area of the primary dwelling
  • ADUs shall be allowed only in areas zoned for single-family residential dwellings
  • The lot shall have a minimum of 80 feet frontage on a public street
  • The lot size shall be a minimum of 8,000 square feet
  • Building division approval is required prior to construction (if any).

“Before this ordinance, apartment units in homes were illegal, unless they were being lived in by family members only, such as in a “mother-in-law” apartment,” said Struthers.  “We also know there are some illegal units in Lehi,” he said. “Those illegal units may now apply for an ADU but must meet the requirements.”

For more information about ADUs contact the City of Lehi or search “ADU” on the Lehi  City website at