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LHS Students Honored at “Evening of Excellence”



On Wednesday, May 18th, friends and family came together to recognize Lehi High School seniors who had received scholarships from various colleges and universities. Representatives from in-state schools and from as far away as Hawaii and Illinois awarded certificates to the scholarship recipients. Many times multiple scholarships were awarded to a single individual. There were many prestigious awards received, and at the end of the evening over 6 million dollars were awarded in scholarships.

There were many different kinds of scholarships awarded based on different criteria such as leadership, service, academic achievement, and need. Most of the scholarships required the student to fill out an application and write an essay. Some scholarships even require the recipient to graduate from high school with an Associate’s degree as well as outstanding grades and test scores. Counselors at LHS were helpful in suggesting that students apply for scholarships and tracking their completion of applications. It is estimated that each year over one billion dollars in scholarships go unclaimed. Congratulations to all the students who have worked so hard to receive these scholarships.