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Owlet wins tech’s high honor at the Consumer Electronics Show



Since the beginning, Lehi-based company, Owlet Baby Care, has paved the way in technology and innovation in the world of live-saving products for expectant mothers and babies. With the release of their newest innovation, the Owlet Band, the brand continues to march forward with technology every expecting parent would benefit from. After their product announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Owlet was awarded overall winner in Wearable Technology and as an honoree in “Tech to Change the World.”

“Being recognized at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been such an incredible experience.” Jordan Monroe, Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer at Owlet Baby Care, said. “To be named as the overall category winner in Wearable Technology and as an honoree in Tech to Change the world, Owlet continues to be the leader in the smart nursery space.”

The Owlet band wraps around the pregnant mother’s abdomen from 24-weeks to full term. The band provides the mother with information on the health and wellness of her baby. According to Owlet’s press release, “This first-of-its-kind consumer wearable product to connect pregnant moms with their babies will allow them to track their own sleep position, hear their baby’s heart rate, automatically count their baby’s kicks, notify them of contractions and receive a wellness report to share with family and friends.”

Winning an award that in the past has almost exclusively been focused on smartwatches and fitness gear is especially gratifying to Owlet Baby Care founders. The Owlet band will be available to consumers later this year. In a company press release, Kurt Workman, CEO of Owlet Baby Care, said: “As a company of parents, it is important to us to bring innovative technology into a family’s everyday life in an easy-to-use form with functionality that is meaningful to the health and wellness of the baby and family.”