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Concealed Weapons Permit Class offered to ASD employees



Considering recent school shootings and the national focus on school safety, Lehi resident Steve Boyack, a certified Concealed Firearm Permit (CFP) instructor, is offering free classes to all Alpine School District employees. Boyack said, “I wanted to give teachers the opportunity to become certified if they were interested.”

“Originally, the class was just offered to teachers, but employees of Alpine School District would comment asking if they could take the class as well, so I opened it up to all Alpine School District employees,” Boyack added.

After receiving his CFP, he figured the next logical step was to become a certified instructor. Boyack then became a certified instructor for concealed firearm courses. The class he teaches includes firearm safety, mechanics, laws, and practical situation rehearsal. The syllabus for the course is the same for all students nationwide, but Boyack said, “I try to make the class fun and enjoyable; I like to spice it up a bit and use fun videos.” The permit is good for five years from certification date.

“There are a lot of mixed feelings as to whether people should carry or not…they are not required to carry, but it is a tool that’s available if needed,” Boyack said.

The classes will be held on three different days and registration is required to attend. Contact Steve Boyack at for more details and to register for the course.

Boyack also hosts a Facebook group called Lehi Preppers, which focuses on emergency preparedness–from snow storms, to chemical spills, to active shooter situations. On the Facebook page Boyack posted a document from Indiana University which details what to do during an active shooter situation. The first advised action is to run. “If a safe path is available, run: do not hesitate to get out, leave belongings, prevent others from entering the area, call 911 when you are safe. If you can’t get out safely, the next action is to hide: stay out of shooter’s view and be quiet, silence your phone, lock/barricade doors, call 911 if it safe to do so. As a last resort, fight: with all-out commitment, be physically aggressive, use improvised weapons, fight to incapacitate the shooter,” advises the instructions.

Regarding the recent shootings, Boyack said, “In some of those [shooter] instances, someone could have turned around and jumped on the attacker, it doesn’t take many to overpower someone.”


According to the Indiana University preparedness website, www.Protect.IU.EDU, “Active Shooter incidents could and have happened at various types of locations. When at work, shopping, or at a movie, look at your environment. Where are the exits, where could you hide, what could you use as a buffer between the threat and yourself?”

And more good advice from the site reminds, “Thinking about what you would do is the best way for you to be prepared and take decisive action more quickly should a threatening situation happen.”